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(here inafter is GDCN), a comprehensive corporation with combination of large science and technology, industry, domestic and foreign trade which is specialized in supplying bulk materials and service for nuclear industry, in terms of professional project teams,&nb...     

Name:UPE Channel
Name:RCC-M Class 2&3 Ca
Name:HEA/B Beams

    Our Company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, outline file and the establishment of quality assurance system for nuclear power, operation of the quality system in strict accordance with the relevant specifications, building a skilled, reliable, efficient and quality guarantee system of material supply of nuclear power for civilian use.
    We provide loyalty customer service, "customer satisfaction as the goal, depending on the reputation for life". With a good record of cooperation over the years, have a good reputation, won the majority of partners and the General customers.  ......

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    According to ASME III and RCC-M nuclear power standard supply steel.
   Successfully applied to the current nuclear power projects. Widely used in nuclear island equipment, pre-primary and secondary loop piping and auxiliary support, the steam generator, emergency diesel engines, pool cover panel, plate tube, etc.
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